1M+ MidJourney AI Prompts

Most Organized Midjourney Prompt Pack

Never run out of ideas again! Start printing 100s of HQ designs daily with ease. Seperated by category with endless prompts. We know this will be worth it to any freelancer, POD Shop or any designer in general.

Categories include:

✅ T-Shirt Designs: Prompts for creating unique and eye-catching designs suitable for printing on t-shirts, ranging from trendy graphics to clever slogans.

✅ Portrait Photography: Prompts tailored to capture the essence of individuals or groups, focusing on their personalities, emotions, and unique qualities.

✅ Sticker Design: Prompts to craft creative and colorful sticker designs that can be used for personal expression or decoration.

✅ Pattern Design: Prompts for crafting intricate and appealing patterns that can be applied to various products like fabrics, wallpapers, and more.

✅ Seasons and Holidays: Prompts representing the different seasons of the year or specific holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.

✅ Food and Drinks: Prompts for creating mouthwatering illustrations or designs inspired by various cuisines and beverages.

✅ Science Fiction: Prompts that delve into the futuristic and imaginative world of science fiction, encompassing advanced technology, alien worlds, and thrilling adventures.

✅ Cyber Punk Style: Prompts for crafting cyberpunk-themed designs characterized by neon lights, dystopian cityscapes, and high-tech aesthetics.

✅ Floral Art: Prompts to explore the beauty of nature through intricate floral designs, ranging from realistic portrayals to abstract interpretations.

✅ Minimalist Art: Prompts for minimalist and simple yet impactful designs that convey a message or concept with a few essential elements.

✅ Neon Images: Prompts that embrace the vibrant and electrifying visual style of neon lights, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

✅ Wildlife: Prompts for capturing the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom through art and design.

✅ Paintings: Prompts to inspire traditional and digital paintings across various genres and styles, from classic to contemporary.

✅ Technology and Gadgets: Prompts related to technological innovations, futuristic gadgets, and cutting-edge designs.

✅ Whimsical and Cute: Prompts for creating charming and adorable artwork that appeals to the whimsical side of life.

✅ Outer Space: Prompts that explore the mysteries of the cosmos, including celestial bodies, spacecraft, and cosmic phenomena.

✅ Post-apocalyptic Worlds: Prompts for envisioning and depicting the aftermath of cataclysmic events and the survival of humanity in dystopian settings.

✅ Photorealistic Photography: Prompts to challenge your photography skills by focusing on achieving stunning photorealistic results.

✅ Inspirational Landscapes: Prompts for capturing breathtaking landscapes that inspire awe and wonder.

✅ Architecture and Buildings: Prompts for architectural design, from modern skyscrapers to historical landmarks.

✅ Music and Instruments: Prompts inspired by the world of music, including musical instruments, concerts, and musical concepts.

✅ Zodiac Signs and Astrology: Prompts that explore the symbolism and characteristics associated with each zodiac sign and celestial themes.

✅ Fantasy and Mythology: Prompts for creating artwork rooted in fantastical realms, mythical creatures, and epic adventures.

✅ Vintage and Retro: Prompts for designs that evoke the nostalgia of bygone eras, ranging from the Roaring Twenties to the groovy '70s.

✅ Sports and Hobbies: Prompts that celebrate various sports, hobbies, and recreational activities through art and design.

✅ Tattoo Design: Prompts for crafting tattoo designs, from traditional to contemporary styles.

✅ Vehicles and Transportation: Prompts inspired by all forms of transportation, including cars, bicycles, planes, and more.

✅ Historical Periods: Prompts that transport you to different historical epochs, allowing you to explore the fashion, architecture, and culture of those times.

✅ Dreams and Imagination: Prompts that encourage free-flowing creativity and exploration of the surreal and imaginative realms of dreams.

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